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Shopping for Electronics

Plantraco Starter Set

Plantraco Starter Set ($100)

I started shopping around online for radio gear, servos, motors and propellers recently. The whole thing can get a little confusing and over-whelming trying to match all these different components together, from different suppliers, and trying find stuff small enough and light enough..

Then I ran across a posting in a forum, on either RCGroups.com or AirshipModeler.com, that mentioned some R/C gear by “Plantraco.” So I headed over to MicroFlight.com to see what was available.

So I think I have decided to go with the Plantraco “Deluxe Starter Set #3” from MicroFlight.com for $100. I also want to buy 2 more motors (I want to run 3 total), but I also need to figure out how, and if, I can wire up 3 motors with this system.. I don’t want to overload anything. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

Anyway.. This system looks great, and everything is really light. The components it comes with, in addition the transmitter (which also charges the batteries!), are

Micro9 3 Channel PlugnPlay 0.9g Receiver

3 Channel 0.9g Receiver

Micro9 3 Channel PlugnPlay 0.9g Receiver ($54.99)

This little receiver weights just 0.9 grams. They say only 0.5 grams if you remove the connectors (but I think the solder welds needed might negate any benefit to removing them). It’s also pretty dang small too, at 14mm x 16.5mm x 5mm.

You can connect 1 motor and 2 actuators to it, via these tiny plug-in connectors on the board. A tiny 3.7 volt LiPo battery is easily attached via 2 magnet connections.

Plantraco MiniAct Actuator

1.1g Actuator

MiniAct Magnetic 1.1g Actuators ($14.99/ea)

These 2 little actuators only weigh 1.1 grams each. Servos weigh quite a lot more, and my airship doesn’t need the range of a servo. All I need to do is kick the rudder to one side or the other every once in a while, and the same with the elevator.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to link things up so I can just use 2 actuators (1 for rudder and 1 for elevator). But due to the tail gas bag hogging the inside space all the way to the back I may end up using 4 actuators (1 for each fin control surface), in which case I may opt for the smaller 0.4 gram actuator instead.

LP90-FR Bahoma Cell with 10mm Bahoma

3.7v LiPo Battery

LP90-FR Bahoma Cell with 10mm Bahoma ($12.99/ea)

This tiny battery is just 14.5mm x 23mm x 4.8mm, and weighs 3.0 grams. It’s a 3.7v single-cell LiPo battery, and it connects to the receiver via two small magnetic connectors.

The kit I’m gonna order comes with 2 of these, and they get charged on the transmitter.

Motor-7mm 1.7Ohm w/nanoconnector

2.9g 7mm Motor

7mm x 16.5mm 2.9g Motor ($4.29)

This small electric (brushed) motor is 7mm x 16.5mm and weighs 2.9 grams. It connects directly to the receiver via a nanoconnector socket. When used with the 65mm propeller (below) it should generate ~11 grams of thrust. I plan to run 3 of these on the airship, of which one in the rear may be steerable.

Plantraco 65mm Propeller

65mm Propeller

65mm 0.05g Propeller ($3.25/ea)

Small 65mm (~2½ in) propeller with a 1mm bore, which should fit the 7mm motor (above) perfectly.

Three of these with the above motors should generate around ~33 grams of thrust total. Being a lighter-than-air craft, I think this should get the airship moving.. I will be testing them on the test section once I finish building it to see how they do.

So at this point it is looking like the entire propulsion and control system might weigh only 14.95 grams total! There will of course be a few additional grams of carbon rod control links and several feet of wire, but the whole thing should still remain very light. 🙂

Note: This post is not an ad, and I haven’t bought anything from them just yet. So I am not even sure if this is even good stuff at this point. I will post more information and photos once I have ordered my stuff from them..

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